Custom Product & Software Development

We create software such as web, mobile, cloud apps starting from MVP, scale and adapt them to changing business goals

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Our Services

Web & Mobile Development
Cloud & DevOps
Digital Product Design
Management, Consulting & QA
Machine Learning

Architecture and Technology Consulting

Just in case you are looking for advice, we have 10 years of engineering experience.

Sergey Golovin avatarSergey Golovin Chief Technical Officer
  • Determine the technical features of your product
  • Select Technology Stack
  • Analyse technical products already available
  • Give tips to optimize the work of applications in the future
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Building Remote Processes and Chaos Organizing

Our unique ability is to build transparent and predictable processes in remote engineering teams. We are open to share this skill and experience.

Andrey Sekirkin avatarAndrey Sekirkin Chief Process Officer
  • Connect business and developers
  • Improve processes or create new ones
  • Select MVP launch strategy
  • Create a team for your project
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Feedback from Esther Tan

Feedback and Reputation @ Clutch
Esther Tan avatar

Scriptum has good knowledge and experience. Although we were new to some of the technologies used for the application, they patiently provided guidance to us. We also liked that Scriptum was very flexible to work with.


How we work

Estimate example

Digital Product Design

1 designer

Cloud & DevOps

1 engineer (part time)

Web & Mobile Development

3 engineers


1 engineer

4 months example project costs

1st month

9,576 USD

2nd month

30,660 USD

3rd month

29,232 USD

4th month

30,274 USD

99,742 USD

Estimated total

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