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Our services

Through the years we’ve seen lots of poorly made web pages, that can’t be unseen. But now it’s over. We’ve put a lot of effort to make the process of web development smooth, fast and precise.

We provide service for fast projects with a fixed budget for european companies. If you need to build high-quality HTML layouts, JavaScript animations or adaptive web pages from your PSD, Sketch or Figma mock-ups, we are here to help you.

Quick Start

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Choose the type of your project, attach the necessary files and fill out the form.

What happens next?

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Within one working day, we’ll send you an estimation and ask additional information.

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You provide us with all the necessary info and ask your own questions.

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We finalize all paperwork and send you a contract, commercial offer and prepayment invoice.

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Once the documents are signed and prepayment received, we begin work.

Hand-crafted code

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Your project will look exactly like it’s supposed to. We understand the design processes and will take care of every pixel in your mock-ups.

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Modern Stack

We use only modern open-source technologies to make your project work quickly and efficiently, and allow for easy future support.

HTML5, CSS3, Stylus, Pug, BEM, PostCSS

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Did you know that up to 20% of all users have special needs when using the Internet? But there are no barriers we can't conquer. You can be sure that everybody will have equal access to your product.

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Quality Control

At least three specialists are assigned to your project regardless of its size: a manager, a developer and a QA-engineer.

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Our in-house lawyer customizes contracts and NDAs for each project.

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Majaka tn 26, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia 11412